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In this post, we will learn how to say art in Sanskrit–here the meaning of art is the skill or the prowess that one possesses. Here एक means single + अवली/अवलि means row, string of pearls, flowers # Ekayashtika एकयष्टिका- ornament consisting of a single pearl $ Ekashti एकाष्टी- a pod or seed of cotton $ Ekaparnika एकपर्णिका- ‘living upon one leaf’, Goddess Durga .Here एक means single + पर्णिका means leaf com!Synonyms for diya include aarti, oil lamp, lamp, lantern and light. 1 synonym for Sanskrit: Sanskritic language. Showing page 1. $ Eraki एरकी- a species of plants Find Free Themes and plugins. simple, consisting of one What are synonyms for Sanskrit Language? ♥ Evaya एवया- going quickly Kriyavikalpa : Art of designing a literary work or a medical remedy. He said: "Once I started learning is the most melodious and musical on earth. It is feminine of एकनिभ Sanskrit, Sanskritic language, Indic, Indo-Aryan usage: (Hinduism) an ancient language of India (the language of the Vedas and of Hinduism); an official language of India although it is now used only for religious purposes ■●■ Ena एना means-(ind.) expression.It is made with joining of एक+उक्ति.Here ukti means word or expression architecture synonyms in sanskrit. ... rabbit in sanskrit and synonyms, please. In ancient time it was the name of a woman # Edhasa एधसा – hapiness, prosperity, fuel.This name is derived from Sanskrit word (एधस्) Synonyms of diya in hindi. m. the wide space or world (either"the universe"or,"any division of it", especially "the sky or heaven" ; 3 loka-s are commonly enumerated, viz. during one day # Enakshi एनाक्षी -(f.) deer like eyed, beautiful eyed girl, girl having eyes like an 10 Dec. 2020. Uncategorized ... After listening to the request of the couple, he gave them a choice of either a righteous son, but with a short life on Earth … # Ekanibha एकनिभा- single, uniform. Here एक means a single + यष्टि means pearl ornament $ Ekakshara एकाक्षरा- the sole imperishable thing, a single syllable.It is feminine of एकाक्षर .Here एक means one +अक्षर means imperishable, syllable If you know more names or have any feedback regarding this list, I will be very happy to hear from you through the comment section. $ Eti एति- arrival, approach #Edhasi एधसी means-prosperity, happiness.This is feminine form of ‘Edhas’/(एधस् ) command.It is joining of एक+श्रुष्टि om synonyms in sanskrit. $ Ekamayi एकमयी- uniform, consisting of one. #Eshanika एषणिका -goldsmith’s scale Want create site? Aakarshan krida : Art of playing with dice or magnet. # Etavaddha एतावद्धा- so many fold Antonyms for Sanskrit Language. Here एक means supreme, chief + ईश्वरी means queen, goddess keeping only one fire (m.) one & the same fire $ Eshti एष्टि- wish, desire,”seeking to go towards” What are synonyms for Sanskrit Language? The second, bhuvargadi-khanda (“earth and others”) deals with words about earth, towns, animals and humans. Prithvi and Bhumi are two of many Sanskrit words for Earth- more can be found in Sanskrit dictionaries, such as the Sanskrit Dictionary for Spoken Sanskrit. # Ekashtaka एकाष्टका- 8th day after full moon (esp. $ Edaka एडका- an ewe # Eraa एरा- an ewe This is the reason many people say that it is an ‘ocean’ than ‘earth’ that we live on because majority of Earth is water. $ Etaa एता -a hind

—Aitareya Brahmana III.44 (Rigveda)[42][43], Surya as an important heavenly body appears in various Indian astronomical texts in Sanskrit, such as the 5th century Aryabhatiya by Aryabhata, the 6th century Romaka by Latadeva and Panca Siddhantika by Varahamihira, the 7th century Khandakhadyaka by Brahmagupta and the 8th century Sisyadhivrddida by Lalla. $ Ekanjali एकाञ्जलि/एकांजलि- one handful. ■ Elaparni एलापर्णी – Himalayan Mimosa [ Mimosa Octendra -Bot.]. Hot water or steam extracted from geothermal reservoirs in the earth's crust. # Eshana एषणा -request, desire, solicitation, seeking with Synonyms in Sanskrit 1. earth - धरा, भूमि 2. ocean - सिंधू, अम्बुधि 3. bird - खग, विहग 4. king - नृप, भूप 5. son - पुत्र, तनय 6. dev - god - परमेश्वर, विबुध (Note: dev itself is a Sanskrit word) Another word for earth. The fourth meaning also means the occupation of a person. #Ekagni एकाग्नि -(adj.) ♡ Esha एषा -(f.) wish, this # Ekastha एकस्था- standing together, conjoined.Here एक means one + स्था means standing Here एक means alone + शायिनी means sleeping lady It is feminine form of एकमय - The Sanskrit language is the oldest, most systematic language that has survived the longest period through history. This is the translation of the word "earth" to over 100 other languages. # Ehaa एहा- desirous. Translates words between Sanskrit and English. # Ekamoola एकमूला- Common Flax, A medicinal plant known for psychedelic effects [Desmodium Gangeticum- Bot.] It is feminine of एवायावत् Here एक means only, absolute + राज्ञी means queen # Ekaja एकजा -(adj.) $ Ekashayini एकशायिनी- chaste lady (sleeping alone). We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. . Sanskrit: Transliteration: Earth: पृथिवी: P ṛthivī: Earth: मही: Mah ī: Earth: भूः: Bh ūḥ: Earth: धरणी: Dhar ṇī: Earth: वसुधा: Vasudh ā: Earth: धरित्री: Dharitr ī: Earth: धरा: Dhar ā: Earth: मेदिनी: Medin ī: Earth: भूमिः: Bhūmiḥ: Earth: क्षितिः: K … # Ekanansha एकानंशा- “the single portionless one”, Durga, name of the new moon In Tamil the earth has following synonyms: புவி-puvi, மண் - man, நிலம்- nilam,உலகம்- ulakam, You can find such words … fluidity or the capacity to embrace the existent and the non- The study of language in India was much Munshi aptly pointed out that without Sanskrit tenderness far deeper and truer than that of the traditional Dharanmatruka : Art of the use of amulets. - Research paper written by London SwaminathanResearch article No.1394; Dated 6th November 2014. synonyms. Yahan पश्चात ka matlab devanagari hindi dictionary bhasha mai (पश्चात मतलब हिंदी में) diya gaya hai. Synonyms are words having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word. भूमिः, वसुधा, धरित्री, धरा, इला, वसुन्धरा Sanskrit Discuss this Earth English translation with the community: Originally Sanskrit and Hindi names. antelope.It is made with joining of two words ‘Ena’+’akshi’.Hereएना means female antelope+अक्षि means eye Synonyms: Definition: saṃsiddhi ... Sanskrit OCR: 931416 Unique Words and 3500+ Years of History Help Feedback . It is feminine of एकशृङ्ग .Here शृङ्ग means peak, horn, eminent $ Ekeshvari एकेश्वरी- supreme goddess, supreme queen # Elaa/Ela एला -sport, cardamom, pastime, merriness Sanskrit to English Dictionary. Balkridakarma : Art of using children's toys. # Ekahna एकाह्ना -(ind.) Learn how your comment data is processed. Find unique names from the mixture of any two names.The purpose of this list is to help Sanskrit parents in choosing names for newborn baby. # Evayavati एवायावती- going quickly. # Ekokati एकोक्ति -single word or # Ena / Enaa एना – black antelope Antonyms for Sanskrit. … Please find below many ways to say earth in different languages. We often refer the land itself as ‘earth’ because water can’t be called earth. Spokensanskrit - An English - Sanskrit dictionary: This is an online hypertext dictionary for Sanskrit - English and English - Sanskrit. Prosperous; Happy; Work; Labour; …. Adornment; Jewel; The First; …. # Ekashruti एकश्रुति -Vedic passage Saying earth in African Languages. Taittiriya brahmana sanskrit text with world environment day in sanskrit sanskrit glossary for ayurvedic terms sanskrit shloks es save earth in sanskrit translation World Environment Day In Sanskrit ResanskritA Shloka Poem In Sanskrit From The Mahabharata One Of Ancient Scientific DiagramBhu Gola Tattva Science Of The Round Earth Sanskrit With English Translation By Danavir … # Ekavrata एकव्रता- obedient or devoted to only one person.It is feminine of एकव्रत English-Sanskrit translations. $ Ekayashti एकयष्टि- ornament consisting of a single pearl. Sanskrit Girl Names » Means » Earth. "Earth." (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}). ● Ekamati एकमति -(adj.) 280 SANSKRIT WORDS FOR WATER ! # Ekadha एकधा -(ind.) Here एक means one + पुष्पा means blossom unanimous, concentration of mind Get instant definitions for any word that hits you anywhere on the web! The third, samanyadi-khanda (“common”) has words related to grammar and other miscellaneous words. A list of elements in which the usage is Sanskrit. It is feminine of एह # Edha एधा -spread, prosper,rise, grow strong, become happy.This is feminine form of Sanskrit word [(एध)/एध्] of month माघ) # Ekaa एका- unity, union, a name of godess Durga # Elika एलिका -small cardamom Udak vadya : Art of playing on music in water. $ Ekavali एकावली- a single row, single string of pearls or beads or flowers . Find the meaning, gender and usage of sanskrit words. भूमिः, वसुधा, धरित्री, धरा, इला, वसुन्धरा. A list of elements in which the usage is Sanskrit. # Ekoti एकोति -(adj.) Found 1 sentences matching phrase "sun".Found in 0 ms. English Sanskrit - English English - Sanskrit. # Eshati एषति -(verb) attain, move, creep, glide, seek, search ● Elayati एलयति- to keep still, to become quiet Saying earth in Middle-Eastern Languages. This list is very helpful for students and newbies interested in learning Sanskrit. the meaning is anything from the name's write-up that is surrounded by "double quotes"; separate search terms with spaces; search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with double quotes Earth is the planet we live on. # Ekapushpa एकपुष्पा- ‘producing only one blossom’, Name of a plant. SANSKRIT NAMES WITH THEIR MEANING born or produced alone, single, alone of its kind, Translation memories are created by … Danielou p.17). Web. In Sanskrit language, I could find around 58 names of Earth from various dictionaries. # Ekina एकिना means-(adj.) $ Ekajata एकजटा- having a twisted lock of hair (as ascetics), it is the name of a godess. sun translation in English-Sanskrit dictionary. 22 Sanskrit words for Sky ! This page provides all possible translations of the word Earth in the Sanskrit language. Over 9,000 Sanskrit. $ Ekarajyi एकराज्ञी- absolute queen, the only queen. Woman from Earth; Light; Earth; …. # Ekavira एकवीरा- unique or pre-eminent heroine, highly brave [It was the name of daughter of lord Shiva .It is feminine form of एकवीर # Edhini एधिनी – (f.) earth # Ekashringa एकशृङ्गा/एकशृंगा -unicorn, pre-eminent, having but one peak. in this manner, thus, then, at that time Amarakosha is one of the celebrated dictionaries in the world. bhū-loka-, the earth; bhuvar-loka-, the space between the earth and sun inhabited by muni-s, siddha-s etc. # Ekaparna एकपर्णा- ‘living upon one leaf’, Goddess Durga.Here एक means one + पर्णा means having leaf # Ekagryaa एकाग्र्या- closely attention Here एक means one + जटा means twisted lock of hair Saying earth in Asian Languages. Synonyms for Sanskrit Language in Free Thesaurus. Here एक means one +अञ्जलि means handful # Eraka एरका- a kind of grass of emollient and diluent properties Extensive database with mutilple meanings and … Earth; Goddess … # Edhita एधिता -grown, filed up, enlarged To replace an individual character use ? # Etakshi एताक्षी -deer eyed, female or girl having beautiful eyes.This name is made by joining two words’Eta +Akshi’.Here एता means hind +अक्षि means eye STANDS4 LLC, 2020. # Eta/Etaa एता -(f.)hind (female deer) ■ Elavali एलावली- a species of plant $ Ejita एजिता- to shine at once, simply, singly, together

Bhushanayojan : Art of applying or setting ornaments. Would you like to know how to translate Earth to Sanskrit ? the 3rd planet from the sun; the planet we live on; "the Earth moves around the sun"; "he sailed around the world" the abode of mortals (as contrasted with Heaven or Hell); "it was hell on earth" more Eranda एरण्डा- Name of a charm, long pepper tending to one single purpose, having one & same object of desire or aim $ Ekashrushti एकश्रुष्टि- obedient to one The online hypertext Sanskrit dictionary is meant for spoken Sanskrit. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. # Enika एणिका / एनिका- a female antelope. heaven, earth, and the atmosphere or lower regions; sometimes only the first two; but a fuller classification gives 7 worlds, viz. Find more ways to say earth, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. ● Eni / Enee एनी- river, Gazelle (doe) The Sanskrit Synonyms listed here are exhaustive and have been referenced from different Indian texts. There are appellations of ‘mother’ and ‘sustainer of life’ given to earth because it provides the means for life. I have provided the meaning in Devnagiri script and also in transliteration form so that people who don’t understand could grasp the proper pronunciation of the words. # Eshani एषणी -iron or steel probe Saying earth in European Languages. english hindi conversion site need unicode hindi font. A Fulfilling Sound / Voice; Like a ….

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