Can I train with a friend?
Yes, training with a friend has many benefits such as making the sessions more affordable, having support in the session and pushing each other to work harder. You can both make sure you keep a common commitment with outside training and nutrition plans.

What makes you different to other gyms?
The atmosphere, the service and the trainers. We pride ourselves on giving all our members the attention they need to reach their fitness goals. We all know each other’s clients and are all supportive for every member to do well and succeed.

Do I have to be fit to start training?
No, our clients all range from beginners (some who have never stepped foot in a gym before) to professional sports people. One thing everyone has in common is a passion to work hard and give it their best effort in each of our sessions. That is all we ask from you.

How is my progress measured?
Your progress is measured every 2 weeks by taking weight, lean muscle tissue and body fat readings to ensure you are working towards your goals. We also record progress with stats of your training to see improvements in fitness and strength. The final way we track your progress is through photos to show you how much your shape will change over the weeks.

How soon will I see results?
You can expect to see noticeable results within the first few weeks with your body starting to change shape, your energy levels, skin and confidence. You may start to also notice similar changes by undertaking a healthier lifestyle with great nutrition and our guidance of the right supplements.

What’s included in each PT package?
When you buy a block of PT sessions, you will not only get the 1 hour sessions but your trainer will advise you on nutrition, a bespoke training programme for your own workouts and be there to support you when you need advice or motivation.

What equipment will I be using?
We have some great equipment available that you won’t find in other gyms. We have strongman equipment, Ski-Erg, Air-Bike, Leg Press, Cables, ViPRs, TRXs and all the free weight equipment you’ll need.