Testimonials from some of our recent clients:

Over the last year I have really enjoyed doing my regular sessions at the studio and bootcamp.
Doing a mixture of the both made me drop a huge amount of weight, my fitness levels are so much better now, I have met so many nice like minded people aswell which helps it made it fun and I enjoy all the events we do as a team

– Cat

First impressions of the studio- Amazing, cool and fun environment.
First training session- Very challenging, but enjoyable at the same time and still left with a smile on my face.
Did I see results?- Yes, after the first month I was very pleased with losing inches from my waist and feeling very fit.
Favourite part of training/nutrition?- I enjoyed the varied sessions, group training and knowing I had the support from all the PTs if I ever needed questions answered.

– Jade

One of the best ways to start your day is a PT session or class with Matt Blewitt at Gold Standard Personal Training.  You are met with a smile which means you are going to be pushed and made to work hard! Matt always motivates you to do better and try harder and the results become apparent! I would not be without him and he has helped me achieve the physical challenges I have set myself.  The atmosphere at GSPT is one of the best I have experienced at a gym and I highly recommend you get down there and try it for yourself!

– Michala

After struggling to find motivation to get up early to go to the local gym I thought I needed a push to get the holiday body I really wanted this year. I would skip the classes I had booked in for, missed meals and craved sugar all the time. At GSPT I learned the importance of breakfast and stabilising my blood sugar preventing my sugar cravings. I trained my upper body at least 3 times a week which I never had done before and wasn’t doing any cardio. My body changed dramatically, I was overwhelmed by my results and will continue to train there after my holiday 🙂

– Naomi


There is not a bigger word than just thank you for helping me recover from major surgery that I underwent 4 months ago.

It was 3 months ago I could barely climb the stairs and hardly walk, 2 months ago you was pulling me up in a sit up position with a rope and couldn’t even push a pedal on a bike at lowest level………and now 4 months later you have got me to a level where my fitness is nearly back!

As you know Its been a very long emotional journey and you have been with me every step of the way, I am so pleased you took me on board , it takes a very experienced PT to have that commitment, time, knowledge and 100 percent effort given to a client 24-7.

Never been so grateful for all your hard work, research you did for my rehabilitation workouts, session’s in swimming pools and you being freezing!!! you kept pushing me through tears of pain, helping me when I’ve wanted to give up , understanding the frustration and just encouraging me all the time, your amazing!!!

Good luck with your new adventure of ……. you deserve every bit of having a very successful business.

Cant thank you enough Matty.

– Simone