Fitness tips for ladys


ladys, pay attentionĀ 

Tone,muscle gain and definition how they are one and the same
i often hear customers say they want to tone up this is usually stated by women,with men asking to be more defined or gain muscle .now the scary thing about this ladies ,is that to achieve this tone you will gain muscle and you will become more defined ,so tone is absolutely no different to definition . muscle tone is the relaxed state of muscle , caused by electrical signals from the brain causing them to be in a constant state of contraction . with a certain type of training , you can improve the efficiency with which these signals are sent , leading to great muscle tone .
now the best way to improve the efficiency with which these signals are sent ,you need to do a form of resistance training or in other words,weight! performing different movement patterns with external loads provides a stress to the body , which causers contraction in the muscles to either , push,pull,lift or lever the weight in a certain manner . To stimulate these contractions and force the body to shift the weight , these electrical impulses are sent to the muscle and hey presto , you move the weight . the more you perform this movement , the greater the muscle tone will be in the area e.g. if you do a bicep curl, you will end up with greater muscle tone for it
now matter in which you lift these weights can vary , from more circuits bases workouts to heavy lifting . Each has its own merits as to what they actually provide,but rest assured you will see changes to your body shape