bunny nest in yard with dogs

So for this nest, I'd recommend walking the dogs on a leash for another week and half. Before you mow, temporarily cover the nest in your yard with a laundry basket so the babies don't bolt and get hurt by the lawnmower. An unkempt and overgrown yard will undoubtedly attract rabbits, since the animals take cover in tall grass. • If you find a nest leave it alone. We understand (truly!) 1. Finding a rabbit nest, though, is very much a "look, don't touch" situation — which is tough since kits are the cutest babies in the animal kingdom. Unattended babies are probably NOT orphaned. • Keep dogs and cats away. Help these cute bunnies get to 1,000 subscribers. I know what a pain that is because I have two dogs and a fenced yard and am surrounded by female rabbits that just don't seem to get that my backyard is not baby bunny friendly when the dogs are outside alone. I've googled and found we can't relocate them, but we need to protect them so the momma can return in the night to feed them. S U B S C R I B E to this channel! It's common for people to discover nests while they're doing yardwork. that it may be a bit of a hassle to put a laundry basket over the Preventing an infestation of rabbits begins by properly maintaining your lawn and garden. Comer recommends a marker flag or small sign in the ground near the nest. If you find a nest, mark the area in some way so you know where it is. If at all possible, leave the nest alone---protect it if you must,but just wait, it only takes about 2 weeks for them to hop away. Make a small depression in the ground and fill it with the material from the nest (in this case--Gracie's hair) 3. She will dig a hole in your ground or yard; cover it with the grass and her fur. TY We were cleaning out our flower beds and found a bunny nest. ANSWER: Check your yard before you mow your lawn. Unfortunately, dogs are dogs. The rabbits cause several problems: Our dog goes absolutely nuts barking at them through the window, chases them when she can in the back yard, and gently removes the young from their nest to play with (or tend to as a mother) when she finds a nest. If you HAVE to relocate the nest (I did) try to move it 10-25 feet from the original site. • Always check yard before mowing, tilling, weed trimming, digging in mulch piles or burning brush piles. You can get a discount on an alternate handmade nest by our Affiliate link for your doe. In addition, dogs and cats find these nests and often kill or injure the babies. Rabbits … Just like the wild rabbits, your pet rabbit will do the same procedure to make the nest. Source. The nests are basically a … The nests are lined with fur from the mother and loosely covered with grass. In the middle of the garden he came upon a baby rabbit nest, and our dogs, both hounds, discovered them too. Cottontail rabbits make their nests in small depressions in the grass. My husband was weeding our garden, which over the winter and early spring had sprouted two foot tall weeds. If a pet disturbs the nest… If you can, keep the dog away from the nest and leave it, if it got to two already, it is too risky to have the dog near them. • If a nest has been disturbed, replace all materials and set the babies back inside. I wouldn't move the nest at this point, the babies are too young! 2. They are frequently disturbed by people when they are mowing their grass or raking.

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