So you want that perfect body. The following do’s and dont’s are a very simple guide to optimum nutrition that will all your body to function properly . Once your system is running effectively it will shed the fat and let your hard work in the gym shine through.

stop eating before you’re full. One of the best things for storing fat is eating to much at one time so little and often is the best way to speed that metabolism and getting your system to effectively chew the fat .

Increase your intake of good healthy foods. salads,vegetables,fruit,meat,fish,eggs ect . Your body needs a variety of real food to function efficiently and believe me the more great stuff you take in the less room there will be for non-nutrtious fillers

Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins your body cannot burn fat if it’s dehydrated ,in fact every single function in your body requires water in the equation so suck it up guys

Eat fat, what you cry , well fat is the most important,nutrient for burning fat,if it isn’t going in then it isn’t coming off!Get your quota off essential fatty acids from nuts ,seeds, avocados,  , oily fish,eggs, These are natures super foods and the term essential oils sums it up , they are essential to fat metabolism , hormone production cell structure , oxygen transfer and loads more too-~( these are just a few of the functions that are essential to fat burning )

Eat a balance of every food group . (sorry chocolate is not a major food group)Choose from proteins,fats, and carbohydrates.Choose from proteins, fats,and carbohydrate’s. choose unprocessed,unrefined and as whole and natural as you can get.Eat as many different coloured,textured , fresh and natural things you can find to give your system everything it needs to run at maximum efficiency.

enjoy everything you eat , relish every mouthful , safely with the knowledge that all the fantastic , healthy, wholesome , natural food you are now eatin g was all your body needed to get in fantastic shape