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... Vortech V-3 SCi Supercharger LS-Swap Kit Chevrolet LS … The 1986-1993 Mustang 5.0L came off the assembly line with a decent amount of power, 225 HP and 275 lb/ft of TQ. Mustang GT Vortech Supercharger V3 Non Intercooled Brenspeed Package (05-10) - 505hp 470tq Vortech V3 Self Lubricated (no oil pan tapping needed) Brenspeed Custom Supercharger Package Satin Finish - Upgradeable NOTE: Select year and if you would like to upgrade to a polished finish from the drop down menu when ordering. What are helical gears? The Si operates at a much higher efficiency and is far superior in impeller design. Slide the old impeller out, slide ours on. Vortech Overhaul / Repair services V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V7, V9 / A, B, E, F, G, SC, SCi, S, Si, T, Ti, YS, YSi, X, XX-trims, etc, etc. Vortech recommended the V3-Si trim supercharger as it will provide more pressure and cfm at the same impeller speed as the Sci … DETAILS: Horsepower gain: 30-75+% Satin finish V3 Si supercharger head unit, 6-8 psi 3.60” 6-rib pulley and MaxFlow Race Bypass Valve Premium Belt Drive System Fuel Pump Supplied: NONE Supplied JT-B Compressor Map. Your email address will not be published. In addition, we provide customized services that include: machining, installation, repairs and upgrades. The SCi-Trim is one of Vortech’s smaller type superchargers. These Helical gears help eliminate a lot of the gear noise that is common in the Vortech V-1 superchargers. Vortech Polished 5-6 PSI Entry Level V-3 SCi Complete Supercharger Kit for all 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 Mustangs with a 5.0L V8 Engine. Also, because it is made from a casting, the vanes are relatively straight and simple compared to our V+ model meaning that it will not grab and move as … All V-2 SQ units feature a 3.6:1 internal step-up … Our expertise is your advantage. the si is available in these configurations: v1 - pressure lubed from the engines oil system - straight cut gears - hd bearings - max impeller rpm 55000 ; v2 - pressure lubed from the engines oil system - helical cut gears - max impeller rpm 52000; v3 - self contained oiling - helical cut gears - … Vortech Si-Trim. At 928 Motorsports, we design, manufacture, and sell top quality performance products and superchargers for your Porsche® 928 or other exotic car. V1 T = HD bearing but bigger straight cut gears so stronger but noisier than the V2 >V3 V2 Ti (new) = HD bearing 55rpm/ more efficient billet impeller. Watch ⭐️⭐️⭐ FORD MUSTANG GT 2V 2 VALVE 4.6 V8 TURBO VORTECH SUPERCHARGER. $100.00 shipping. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 1 hour ago. Based on these numbers, does this mean the Vortech unit is more efficient at lower power levels (650-700 whp) while the Paxton is capable of higher numbers? Background: The impeller inside the Vortech® SCi-trim is not recommended to operate at speeds above 53,000 rpm depending on the model. The V-3 Si-Trim Supercharger is capable of up to 775HP on modified vehicles. Vortech V3 si max boost; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. The Vortech V-1 also requires oil lines to be fed into the supercharger to supply a fresh supply of oil. Vortech® V3 Si and SCi models, CW & CCW Rotation. Background: The impeller inside the Vortech® SCi-trim is not recommended to operate at speeds above 53,000 rpm depending on the model. Vortech 2F229-014 V3 Si Supercharger Head Unit ONLY CCW Straight Discharge See more like this. A&A Corvette Supercharger Tuner Kit 2005-2013 C6 Vortech V3-Si Ram Air Intercooled SKU: AAC6SCK. The first half in which Vortech labels their compressors tells you the type of gear case or transmission Vortech is using. The major difference is they are using helical gears inside of the gear casing. Also, because it is made from a casting, the vanes are relatively straight and simple compared to our V+ model meaning that it will not grab and move as much air at the lower rpm's. (350+ lbs torque and 462hp). V3 SCi = V2 SCi = std bearing 53krpm/improved cast impellers rom sc V2 Si = std bearing 53rpm/more efficient cast impeller V2 T = HD bearing 55krpm/cast impeller. I have a vortech v2 s trim that i believe blew a seal or something because there's oil on the outside of the case and the unit itself is making a horrible sound. V-5 F-Trim Compressor Map. If your enthusiasm for your Mustang is only contained by your budget, then this kit gives you significant gains and a lot of bang for your buck. I recently installed a used Vortech V3 Si on my 2000 Corvette. International shipping will be calculated based on location. It converts the Stillen intake manifold to an air to air intercooler with the supplied brackets and mandrel bent piping. V3-Si Your email address will not be published. The Vortech V-1 supercharger means Vortech is using straight cut gears inside of the superchargers gear casing. Hard-coat Anodized: We have taken the extra step of having these impellers hard-coat anodized to give them exceptional corrosion resistance and a surface hardness greater than the aluminum alone. You can rest assured that your new impeller from 928 Motorsports will arrive ready to install right out of the box! Vortech SCi-Trim. The V3 SCI supercharger included in the kit was capable of supporting over 725 hp, but for most guys, even that number is above and beyond the level of a typical bolt-on, non-intercooled kit. I have to move the tensioner bracket over, then add a bigger tensioner idler puley. Required fields are marked *. Our conclusion the Vortech V3 SI supercharger. In addition, we have performed over-speed tests on our 60,000 rpm impellers to 72,000 rpm (a 20% safety margin for you) without damage. It’s a 2002 BMW M3 DINAN S3R with just 68k miles and it’s a convertible too! The Vortech T-Trim is normally the next blower size up from the Si-Trim once people max it the Si-Trim. The V-3 comes with an attached oil drain extension so the unit does not have to be removed for servicing. This impeller is so unique that we have US Patent D588158 on it. This system uses an internally lubricated supercharger, so there are no oil lines required. Vortech makes well over 15-difference sizes of superchargers all in which have different power bans depending on ones vehicle needs. Modified 4.8L NA vs. Vortech (15.8 psi) (TQ) The torque curves tell the real story of the combination, as the supercharged 4.8L produced peak torque (and peak hp) at the same 6,900 rpm. The best of everything. I don’t see any oil lines (for V1 or V2 SC) but maybe they are just underneath as there is NO room in that engine compartment after all the upgrades. I can rebuild the s trim for about $400 or upgrade and rebuild to an Si for about $750. * Domestic US shipping shown. Because of our aggressive inlet curls and progressive vanes we have been able to bring the boost in much sooner, which translates into more useable horsepower for you. S-Trim Vs. T-Trim Comparison Map. The SCi-Trim is one of Vortech’s smaller type superchargers. The most common ones are SCi-Trim, Si-Trim, T-Trim, and YSi-Trim. Our patented inlet curls and progressive vanes are computer-designed for optimum flow inside the impeller housing. SCi-Trim Compressor Map. The most common ones are SCi-Trim, Si-Trim, T-Trim, and YSi-Trim. Ti-Trim Compressor Map. If you go the the ESS website the N52 SC kit has a photo of my engine as I was their guinea pig, LOL. We are adding the Stillen supercharger intake manifold, bracketry, supercharger pulley and the associated bolts and clamps. The supercharger uses the quieter helical cut gears (3.61:1 ratio). The V3 is the same as the V2 but is self lubricated, nothing more or less. Website Design, Hosting and Maintenance by Monumental Hosting, Beaver Dam, WI, High-Performance Billet Impeller for Vortech® Si & SCi Trim Superchargers, Vortech® V1 Si and SCi models, CW & CCW Rotation, Vortech® V2 Si and SCi models, CW & CCW Rotation, Vortech® V3 Si and SCi models, CW & CCW Rotation. At SuperchargersOnline we get tons of questions on what is thedifference between a Vortech V-1, V-2, V-3 Trim, etc… Whatdoes it all mean? Get the best deals on Vortech Superchargers and Parts when you shop the largest online ... BMW M50 M52 M54 S50 S52 S54 VORTECH V1 V2 V3 SUPERCHARGER MOUNTING BRACKET KIT ... 1996-2004 Ford Mustang 4.6L GT Vortech Supercharger Intercooler System 2V PI . The Vortech Si-Trim is by far Vortech’s most commonly used supercharger. That’s a very high standard that most manufacturers do not achieve. Application: All Vortech® V1, V2, V3, V7 and TRD Superchargers. SC-Trim Compressor Map. YSi-B Compressor Map. Greetings from Roswell GA. Vortech V-2 head units are similar to the V-1 superchargers where the supercharger will require an oil feed line and oil drain line. The DINAN S3R package included: Vortech Supercharger with intercooler, SR3 software, Free Flow Exhaust, high flow throttle bodies, strut towers and even a 3.91 rear differential. $2,350.00. Buy Your Mustang Vortech Supercharger Kit Satin Low-Boost V-3 Sl Sci-Trim 5.0L 1986-1993 from CJ Pony Parts, one of the industry leaders for Mustang Parts and … YSi-Trim Compressor Map. If you have any questions please email sales@TREperformance.com or call 760-586-5617. These are commonly found in smaller displacement engines and some r />V-2, and V-3 transmission. These are commonly found in smaller displacement engines and some r />V-2, and V-3 transmission. Now that we got the transmissions out of the way, it is time to talk about the labeling of their impellers and compressor size. The Si-Trim also comes in a V-1, V-2, and V-3 transmission. Si-Trim Compressor Map. With a team that is led by Porsche® 928 World Record Holder, Carl Fausett, we don't just talk the talk ... we drive the drive! The included V3 SCi supercharger comes with a 3.60-inch pulley to deliver 6 to 8 psi of boost. The Vortech V-1 will come in standard duty gears and some come with Heavy Duty gears for those who want to run a cog pulley setup. These straight cut gears make the supercharger louder than normal where you normally can hear a lot of the gear noise and whining noise from the supercharger. You will find these in their Mustang 4.6L & 5.0L supercharger kit, Vortech’s 5.7L & 6.1L Dodge and Chrysler Hemi kits, and Vortech’s Hummer H2 supercharger systems. This is why Vortech names their V-2 compressors SQ, which stands for, “Super Quiet.”. The new standard, our most popular supercharger has a self-contained lubrication system. For those seeking more power for street and strip, Vortech makes a T-Trim for these power seekers. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if I ran both blowers at roughly 650 whp, the Vortech would be the more "efficient" blower? This is an A&A Corvette C6 Ram Air Intercooled Supercharger Tuner Kit with a V3 Si head unit and a shared 6 rib pulley setup for the Corvette C6 2005-2013, which will get you a 175+ rear wheel horsepower gain! I called vortech to see about sending it in for maintenance and what my options were. V-2 SCi Supercharger by Vortech The V-2 SQ model, with its highly advanced computer designed gears feature an optimized helical profile which allows for quieter operation while providing superior performance. FYI: I have a Vortech V3 in my BMW 128i pushing 6.5 boost. More Horsepower! 3.60-inch jackshaft input pulley with 30-tooth output pulley. I just tightened up the belt and now it's developed a louder whistle/whine at idle. The Vortech V-3 SCi-Trim Supercharger - Complete Kit - Polished - will increase the horsepower and torque of your Mustang's 5.0L factory engine from 225 to 275 hp and from 275 to 344 ft/lbs. The bearing case and general overall dimensions are the same but the impeller and volute design are much different. X-Trim Compressor Map. These advances open up more potential for power on the stock bottom end. Paxton NOVI 2000 Compressor Map I don’t have any information on the Vortech SC/Intercooler and was hoping you or someone might have more details about exactly what I have in my car?!?! Vortech 2A158-068 - Vortech V-7 Series Superchargers Supercharger, V-7, 1,600 cfm, 30 psi, YSi-trim, Polished, Clockwise Rotation, Straight Discharge Style, Each Part Number: VOR-2A158-068 Each impeller is spin balanced to 0.006 grams/inch, and designed to operate up to 60,000 rpm. The T-Tim only comes in two types of transmissions, which is V-1 heavy-duty, or V-2 also known as a “TSQ”. SuperchargersOnline, 709 Cochran Street Unit D, Simi Valley, CA 93065, Supercharger Repair and Rebuilding Services, How to replace the coupler on a TRD/Magnuson Supercharger for the 5.7L Toyota Tundra. Vortech Supercharger V3 Sci 9 out of 10 based on 627 ratings. I searched for 6 months and finally found the BMW e46 M3 I wanted. Vortech V-3 Si Features. Want a shortcut to finding the right item for your Porsche®? That's upwards of 106+ more horsepower than stock!Complete Kit. You would be looking at the difference between the SCi and Si kits. As stated we are upgrading the supercharger from the V3-Sci to the V3-Si (part #2F229-101) headunit from Vortech. The T-Trim really shines for those who have a modified engine that flows good and are seeking to run boost levels in the 12-18 psi range. It starts + runs and the belt is lined up nicely but I have 0 radiator hose clearance. Premium High-Speed Rebuild Kit for Vortech® Superchargers. They are rated for producing different amounts of air flow (cfm). Simple Installation: You can change-out your impeller by removing the scroll and one nut on the end of the impeller shaft. Vortech Satin Finish Low-Boost V-3 SL SCi-Trim Supercharger Kit for all 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 Mustangs with a 5.0 Liter Engine. Vortech superchargers label their compressors in names such as V-1 Si-Trim, V-3 Si-Trim, V-2 Si-trim, or V-1 T-Trim. There are many options available for Vortech supercharger kits. The V2 and 3 both come with an SI impeller and can be upgraded to a non HD T-trim but the bennifits would only be 1 or 2 psi at most. Helical gears are gears that are cut diagonally instead of straight. Install a V-3 Si-Trim Black Vortech System and you'll end up pushing 331 Horsepower and 358 lb/ft of Torque to the pavement. S-Trim Compressor Map. Balanced and Ready to Run: All of our impellers are balanced to 0.006 grams/inch at 60,000 rpm. The V-2 version is a non heavy-duty transmission, which means it is not idea for cog pulleys. The 928 Motorsports V+ SCi Impeller: Our V+ SCi impeller is cut from aerospace-quality 7075-T651 billet on a 5-axis CNC mill, allowing us to produce a stronger, lighter, more aggressive and better balanced impeller. We designed it specifically to fit within the Vortech® impeller housing without any modifications. The second half tells you more about the size of the supercharger and type of impeller Vortech is using. On-car and on-bench testing reveals that our V+ impeller moves about 15% more air CROSS THE ENTIRE RPM BAND when compared to the stock SCi-trim impeller. The Vortech Si-Trim is by far Vortech’s most commonly used supercharger. You will still hear the whining sound, but the chattering sound caused by the gears is significantly quieter. Vortech V-3 Si supercharger with 34-tooth drive pulley. What is the difference between a Vortech V-1, V-2, V-3 Trim? Vortech is known for having one of the most diverse selections of supercharger compressors around. It also will require an oil drain line to drain the oil from the supercharger to the oil pan. So I'm looking at the V3-Si versus the 2200SL. Both blowers have gears cut differently then the V1 to make them quiet. V1 Ti : as above I got ESS to do the tuning for me and it’s the first N52 engine supercharged with a Vortech and then tuned by ESS in the USA. In the 9+ years since Stillen’s supercharger system was released there have been a lot of advances in terms of cooling the air charge and fueling options. Vortech® V2 Si and SCi models, CW & CCW Rotation. The Soho Motorsports air to air intercooler upgrade. This entry level low-boost, V-3 SL SCi-Trim model supercharger kit is perfect for the budget minded enthusiast. ; **Brenspeed recomends that customers making max power with … These superchargers are great for both street and strip use. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to … You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. A pair of our top-of-the-line ceramic 72,000 rpm bearings for your impeller, our better-than-stock mechanical face seal, a set of new HSS input shaft bearings, and an input shaft seal too.

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