1-2-1 Sessions: £35-£60

Our highly qualified personal trainers will push you to your limits through each session. They will motivate you to reach your goals while training in a safe and effective manner, using our state of the art equipment. Each session will be tailored specifically to your needs and you will be amazed by the results you can achieve in a short space of time. You will notice improvement in your fitness, strength and body shape

Classes 8-12 People: £8-£10

Our classes aim to use a variety of methods including boxing, strength and conditioning, intervals and others. This gives clients a fun and dynamic class, pushing themselves and each other in the group. The classes build a community and become a family where the clients support each other in reaching their fitness goals and getting through the session!! Classes are small so we can get to know each client and then be able to push them to their full potential.

Small Group PT 4 People: £10

A 45 minute session for up to 4 people.

The class changes every week between boxing, weights and compound movements

Your weight, measurements and strength capabilities can be measured


Are you:

  • Returning to exercise after an injury?
  • Do you feel that exercise is aggravating an existing injury?
  • Are you new to exercise or returning after a long break?
  • Have you signed up to a high intensity event e.g. a marathon or triathlon?

At Gold Standard our specialist rehab trainer will assess and prescribe tailored exercise programs for your specific needs.

Lee has a wealth of experience working with a range of individuals and  has assessed and treated a variety of conditions including:

  • Double hip replacement
  • Prosthetic knee
  • Rehabilitation of bone fractures
  • Dropped foot
  • Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes
  • Pre & post natal
  • Vertebral disc bulges
  • Arthritis

Programs are designed taking conditions in to consideration and exercises are prescribed accordingly.

We start by recording and analysing your movement with a Movement Assessment. We then build a 10 week progressive program to

develop the mobility needed to produce optimal force without pain. You will learn and develop efficient movement patterns which will lay the foundations for your training and see you progress through to performance and endurance.

Training Plans: £50

After an initial sit down consultation and overview of your current training programme we will provide you with a monthly training plan. We remove the “guess work” so you can relax and focus on the import elements of your training whilst we provide you with bespoke workouts to fit around your lifestyle, training goals and equipment you have available. Your trainer is there to keep you on track and support you with any help you need.

Nutrition Plans: £42

A nutrition plan from Gold Standard Personal Training will give you nutritional advice based on sound scientific research rather than the latest media fad. We know that eating the right foods to supplement your training is key, which is why dietary advice is a core component of all our programmes. So whether you are looking to lose weight or to make more informed choices about what to eat, we will provide straightforward advice that is realistic and simple to follow.

Additional Services

Meal Preparations: P.O.A

We have formed links within the fitness industry to provide our clients the best food companies at their disposal to deliver to their door step daily healthy meals prepared for them ensuring they hit their nutrition needs set out by our trainers. This has been a very successful feature with our clients as it reduces temptation and is very time efficient for people with busy lifestyles as all cooking and preparation is taken care of for you.

Detox Juices: P.O.A

Everyone could benefit by including detox juices into either their daily/weekly nutrition plan. Just by adding 1-2 juices per day will significantly improve your health and vitality. Our juices provide you with the best sources of greens and super foods to help reach your ideal daily intake of fibre and vitamins.

Supplements: P.O.A

There are 1000’s of different supplements on the market and people waste a lot of money on them. We only work with brands that we personally have used ourselves and we trust because of their quality and effectiveness. We only sell products to clients that they really need to help them get results and improve overall health.