Six Pack Rules 1

Six pack rules 1. Don’t target your abs to lose fat A report conducted by university of virgina reported it would take roughly 250,000 crunches to burn one pound of fat.ready 1crunch 2crunch only249,998 to go!
2.You need to do forms of resistance trainingMuscle is your body’s primary fat burner . Your muscles require engery to contract ,which is why you burn calories when you exercise .adding resistance to movement will only increase this calorific expenditure adding to this that resistance work will cause significate damage to muscle tissue (that’s a good thing !)so extra energy will be used to help rebuild them . So pick up those dumbbells and work.! (Don’t worry lady’s you won’t look like Arnie )

3.Cardio ….a run to nowhere There is nothing more mind numbing lay monotonous than plodding along on any piece of cv equipment for an hour.add to this there is probably nothing less productive than it !Doing a weights session will burn the same amount of calories as doing an even paced run for the same time .weight training also has the advantage of raising your metabolic rate (more so than a long run ) , will give your body the stimulus to gain strength and build lean muscle tissue ! Don’t swerve cardio completely though! Interval sessions will help you shift those calories and spike your metabolism!

4.start your routine with core exercisesFresher muscles work better. Your core can be a limiting factor in the majority of exercises .improving your core strength at the start could lead to greater stability and therefore lift more Effectively than you previously had .im certain this notion will have it’s critics but you can all take a flying leap …lonely joking 5.The whole body affairWe lay there on her husbands bed,the room dimly lit from the faint glow of a scented candle . Lust filling the air….o wait ! Wrong sort of affir ha. Blast your mind wandering! Essentially ,you need to engage every single muscle in your body ,especially your legs .Now neglecting your legs is rather silly .they house the greatest amount of muscle mass within the body and in the turn will be able to burn more energy than any other partof your body . Now back to my original thoughts haha…6.Start in the kitchen … A flat stomach is 30% exercise 70% nutrition Every single person in the world has set of abs. They are made up of rectus abdominis , External &internal obliques and finally Transverse abdominis . If they weren’t there you would not be able to support yourself . So you can trust me when I say they are there. The only factor limiting you with visibility is body fat.people often say see change in areas that hold limited body fat compare to the around the stomach .Applying the rules above will start you on your journey however ,without fuelling the body properly the results you see will be hampered! The application of these rules along with the healthy eating guidelines attached to this will see you on a journey to a flatter mid section